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25 Days of Shanghai Christmas: Dec 17 Everything Goes Better With Snow

Is it childish to get ridiculously excited by snow? Coming from
the tropics means I never get to experience falling snow at home, and last winter’s snow in Shangai was a bit underwhelming at best – just a few scattered flakes here and there. But the night before last it really, really snowed. Well, at least for a snow novice like myself it seemed like it was really snowing, but all the hardened New England and Toronto expats just snorted and said ‘You call that snow?? Every year in (insert hometown) it gets 10 feet deep and you have to dig yourself out of the front door every morning.’ OK, I get it.  So yes, it wasn’t much snow, and it arrived late afternoon while I was stuck indoors having a haircut, and as desperately as I wanted to get out and take photos for you I would have looked ridiculous in a cape with clingfilm wrapped round my head. By the morning the snow was almost all gone. But for a short few hours, everything looked so beautiful….snow seems to improve the appearance of almost everything – fire hydrants, phone boxes, bicycles and street lights all look better with a layer of snow. There are, however, some things even snow can’t fix, like the demon car-driving santa and the strange pointy-eared snowman that appeared in my lane with a colander on its head….

Let it snow!

We have a house full of Australians staying for Christmas. In my part of Australia it never snows. Not ever. A really cold winter day might plummet to, oh, 13C. Everyone puts on their boots and jumpers when it hits 20C. So imagine the collective household excitement when we saw today’s newspaper………snow predicted! By late morning the first flakes were falling. Had you been here, you would have noticed a group of eleven foreigners walking down Haui Hai Lu, twirling around with their heads back and their mouths open, and causing a lot of commotion on the footpath. You can see the view from our lane below.