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Miao women welcoming guests
Miao women

Come in and have a look around!

Thanks to an epic design team in Shanghai I have a beautiful new website that we’ve been building together for the last six months. Actually, Mitch has been building it and I’ve been on the sidelines, cheering, and driving him crazy with emails (can I have it in pink? a different pink?). I think it looks amazing.

The blog is still here, but is now keeping company with pages about my writing and photography. I realised if I wanted to be serious about both, I needed a website that worked better for me. Now the blog, writing and photography can live together under one roof, happily co-habiting.

How to keep up with Life on Nanchang Lu now:

If you search for Life on Nanchang Lu you’ll be redirected here, so if you’ve saved the site as a favourite or bookmark, no need to do anything.

If you have an RSS feed, it will be automatically update – again, no need to do anything.

And if you’d like to be notified by email whenever I post a new blog (about once a month), I’d love to send you one! There’s an email sign-up below.

And I’m still on Instagram (every day) Facebook (every week) and Twitter (when I remember)