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Yours Truly, Finalist in Food Photographer of the Year!

Well, this last week has been certifiably nuts. I had four different magazine deadlines, all on vastly different topics, such that my brain had switched itself permanently to ‘BING!’ even in the middle of the night, which was tiring and inconvenient. 
I would wake up with a brilliant idea about ‘A Weekend in Suzhou’ only to remember that I submitted that particular article the day before, and it would be really super helpful if my brain could now put that to rest and instead, come up with ideas for a funny column about living in Shanghai.
I spent a whole day wet, cold and very muddy photographing the lovely farmers I met in the last post. 
Then on Friday morning, unthinkably, I got an email informing me that I had been seleced as a finalist in an international food photography competition, The Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year. What?? Are they truly really serious?? Only ten minutes before the email arrived I tripped on the stair going into the kitchen while holding an armful of half-full cereal bowls, which all smashed to smithereens and left me bruised and covered in milk and bits of muesli. It was shaping up to be a bad day. And I still didn’t have any funny ideas for a column due in four hours’ time.
But apparently those Pink Lady people were very serious, choosing not one but three of my photos. (Clearly the competition was open to amateurs – me, as well as seasoned professionals, but we all competed together). I’ll say it again – What??! The final awards, and here’s the part where I just about dead dropped over, are in London. England. End of next month. 
Firstly, for those of you who have already heard this news via Twitter and Facebook, I want to say thanks a million trillion for your congratulations, messages of support, and good wishes. You’re all fabulous!
(PS  I’m not permitted to show the images that were chosen until after the finals.)