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Beachcombing, Rockhopping, Freewheeling

Sea urchins are an amazing piece of natural architecture, arent they? These beautiful photos were taken while beach-combing on Bruny Island, jumping from rock to rock and discovering tiny hidden worlds within a single rock pool. I’d planned a lovely post to go with them about going slow and taking time to get lost in the small, beautiful things in life…..but instead I’m cramming like crazy for my last Chinese exam tomorrow morning. I’ll let you know how I go. In the meanwhile, the sentiment is here in pictures……

  • Pauline

    Gorgeous photos — the sea urchins are amazing, as long as you keep them away from their feet! Good luck with your cramming/exam!

  • Fiona

    They do have spiky little bits that break off – we borrowed special rock-hopping shoes that you can wear in or out of the water to keep our feet safe from the oyster shells and other sharp things! Glad you like the photos 🙂

  • shaz

    Good luck dear "Fay-ah-na". I've been meaning to comment since reading your Year of Maximum China (I think you are one of the bravest, most inspiring women I have ever "known" and I am sure you will have a blast on your trip and keep us entertained in the process). Loved the post about John and Penny, and love the little insight about your hubby's work.

    And of course, I love these photos. Must get to Tassie some day…

  • Fiona

    I feel so chuffed at your lovely comments Shaz and I hope to goodness I can live up to it! Tasmania always seems just a bit too far for a short holiday from Sydney, but it's so worth it – incredible natural beauty and so much to eat, I mean, see and do….:)

  • frances t

    Fiona, I have loved your Bruny Blogs. Excellent photos. Wonderful
    Good luck in your Chinese exam. I don't want to see you coming home with a criticism note!!!

  • Fiona

    Thanks rances, glad you enjoyed them! It was such a wonderful holiday!

    (Exams went well, despite everyone's fears. Our teachers even gave the whole class a praise note, or equivalent)

  • Anonymous

    hope you're out celebrating your chinese exam right now! and about your trip, sounds great, btw, have you read "country driving" by P.Hessler? he drove through parts of China and camped in a tent. Very interessting read! cheers!

  • Fiona

    Yes! Exams all finishd and celebrated with dinner, wine, and a BIG sleepin til…er….7.15am.

    Peter Hessler's three books have been like guides to life in China for me, and when I read Country Driving a year or so ago I enjoyed it enormously. Twenty years ago I drove from Scotland across Europe to Turkey in a reformed mountain rescue ambulance, so I knew I could do the driving part, but Peter Hessler confirmed that camping in China would indeed be possible!

  • Louise

    What beautiful photos. I particularly love the first one. The depth of that purple is extraordinary.