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Laundry Airing, in Public

You thought I had some juicy gossip today, right? Well, sort of…Life on Nanchang Lu is featured in the November issue of Shanghai’s best glossy monthly, Shanghai Talk Magazine (shorter online version here) in an article on Shanghai food blogs. Exciting stuff! They also featured two blogging friends who have great food blogs worth checking out: The Shanghai Foodist, and Wok With Me Baby, in which MaryAnne cooks familiar foods using only Chinese ingredients she can source locally.
Other than this news, today probably qualifies as the shortest post ever because tomorrow I have a Chinese test. I should be studying right this second but I loved these photos so much I had to post them. Many of my favourite images never make it into a post of their own – they’re just things I’ve snapped on the street, often pictures without a story. 
So invent your own story for these frothy confections of wedding dresses. It was a lovely sunny day yesterday and they were being hung outside a store on Jiashan Lu to air….I think. I certainly can’t explain the chef’s whites hanging alongside, or the random bra and pair of red underpants.
Wish me luck for tomorrow!

  • Adeline Leigh

    Thanks for that slice of life and here's all the best for the test; wishing you 'yi lu shun feng'.

  • christa @ mental foodie

    Yay for being featured! I wonder how much the wedding dresses are – they look quite pretty! Photoshoot ops! 🙂 Good luck with the test, not that you need it!

  • shaz

    Yes, the bra and red underpants have me wondering very deeply. Maybe it was a photo shoot the day before and the model wore all those dresses, which would explain only the single pair of undergarments.

    Anyway, good luck with your test! Fingers crossed for you 🙂 And congrats on being featured in the mag.

  • Fiona

    Thanks everyone for the wonderful wishes, they must have worked, or at least partially worked ;0

    I had to talk for five minutes about my favourite sports (Hah! Is dumpling-eating a sport?), pretend to be a candidate called 'Paulo' in an interview for an English teacher, and answer ten random questions like 'What were you doing this time yesterday?'

    Will let you know how it went when I get my score next week….

  • Connie Lou

    Aloha Fiona,

    This is such a cute post! Although I know that facing a test is not always fun! My neighbors from Taiwan used to hang their clothes out on bamboo poles…but I never saw wedding! Do you think the red panties symbolize good luck? =)!

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog re: my son.
    So very appreciated and taken to heart!

    Take care and I am hoping the best for your test results!


  • Fiona

    Thanks Connie! I think the red underwear means whoever owns them was born in the Year of the Rabbit, committing them to red undies for twelve whole months…

  • christa @ mental foodie

    I had to google about red underwear and found this:

  • Fiona

    It's so funny! This year I sent my sister 12 pairs of red undies for her birthday because she's a Rabbit. She thought I'd finally lost the plot until I explained I was just trying to protect her.

    You can spot where all the Rabbits live because of the red underwear hanging outside their apartments. Next year is Dragon Year for my almost 12yo daughter, who isn't looking forward to red anything, especially not underwear!