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A Forest of Lotus Blossoms

On the outskirts of Aishanmen village, near Yangshuo, is a small lotus farm open to visitors. Narrow paths meander between the ponds of giant shoulder-high lotus leaves and blossoms, emerald and pink. The lotus pods, starting out as the fringed yellow centre of the lotus flower, turn gradually green and fill with plump lotus seeds, bending like old-fashioned shower heads on thin green pipes.
I wish I had a garden full of still pools, filled with lotus blossoms.  

  • Andy

    How beautiful – it's like somewhere in a dream, perhaps one induced by eating lotus flowers? 🙂

  • Louise

    Wow. Your most beautiful post ever I think. Perhaps the most astonishing part is where you say shoulder-height! It must be incredible to walk through there. Do they have any sort of fragrance?


    Your camera is awesome.

  • Fiona

    The lotus have no real fragrance – the price they pay for being so beautiful.