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Yunnan, In Pictures

Yunnan has been one long jaw-dropping moment after another. So different from the barren landscape I wrongly anticipated, Yunnan proved itself full of flowers, fields, mountains, lush pastures and pine trees, peopled with friendly and welcoming people from the smallest village of five houses, to the largest city of millions. Temples. Richly patterned ethnic dress. Unusual and exotic foods. I could write about Yunnan for the rest of the year, quite happily, without running out of material – in fact I could stay in Yunnan for the rest of the year, quite happily, under its intense blue skies with bright colours that remind me of home in Australia –  but travel is all about moving on, so before I go on to neighbouring Guizhou Province, I wanted to leave you with a pictorial kaleidoscope of Yunnan, in all its vibrant colour. 
Sani women, Lunan 
Sani headpieces for sale

Chongsheng Temple, Dali
Wild saffron and mountain ginseng seller, Qiaotou
Rock sugar, Shaping

Yunnan potatoes

Bai woman selling plums, Bo Ai Lu market, Dali
Fern fronds, in preparation for pickling

Nakhi woman at the market, Dali

Fried and  milk skin – ru shan – Dali

Loquat seller, Shaping
Shaping market, below Cang Shan

Waiting for the market-bound bus,  Shaxi

Traditional musicians, Shilin

Handmade shoes, Dali and Wase
Coloured live chicks, Lunan
Balloon seller, Lunan

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  • Warren Caterson

    Stunning pics! Thanks for sharing these.

  • Fiona

    Thanks for the kind words Warren! It's a stunning place.

  • Jennifer-Adventuresome Kitchen

    Simply incredible! You bring China alive in your posts. I hope I get to experience it the way you have someday. btw- I'm linking to your fruitcake post- writing up a Royal Wedding post today!

  • Louise

    Such fabulous photos Fiona- it looks an amazing place, what an adventure you're having, so glad you can take us along for the ride. I was rather alarmed at the dyed chicks. One can only wonder why? And how.

  • MaryAnne

    Beautiful photos! If only I didn't have to go to work on Monday…I'd rather go traveling in Yunnan!

  • Fiona

    To Jennifer – thanks for the link, look forward to reading about it. Are you secretly a monarchist?

    To Louise – the dyed chicks are quite alarming, the mind boggles really. The poor guy selling them had to stop every five seconds so yet another kid could hold one. He looked resigned to the task.

    To maryanne – you know the solution to that quandry, don't you! Work does annoyingly get in the way of traveling…..