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The Singing Chefs do Calisthenics

Every morning at nine o’clock sharp, the chefs and head waiters of this local seafood restaurant line up on the footpath outside the front doors for their morning ritual. Aprons are smoothed and re-tied, hair is neatly combed, and toques are straightened. First, a serious talking-to by the head chef, urging the staff to recognise their shortcomings, do their best, and correct their mistakes. Criticism is a form of camaraderie in China. 
This is followed by some calisthenics to music (mostly standing still and waving arms in different directions), and then finally a heartfelt rendition of the restaurant song. The head chef takes his chances amongst the traffic to ignite everyone’s enthusiasm for a frantic day ahead of fish-gutting and deep-frying. The whole thing takes about fifteen minutes, everyone applauds themselves, then off to work.

  • Kimberly Peterson

    How amusing!!

  • Jules

    yeah we do that at our house every morning too. around 8.30am when we're about to leave for school. well maybe just the bit about the head chef pointing out the staff's shortcomings.

  • Fiona

    Hahaha!! While Evie walks around with a big stick, keeping everyone in time for the Jones Family Song……

  • Daily Spud

    Love it, though I don't think it would catch on in Dublin somehow, at least not without the addition of several pints of Guinness or somesuch!

  • croquecamille

    Sounds like a neat way to start the day!

  • shaz

    Fantastically summed up, esp. that bit about the criticism really hit the nail on the head! (one half of my family being Chinese and all).

    My friend used to work for a PR company that made the whole office do calisthenics and sing the company song to boost morale very Monday morning! morale boosting #fail in my book ;P