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First, Wrap Your Horse in Tissue…..

Just when I thought I may have been getting complacent about living in Shanghai, along comes a horse on the back of a bicycle to snap me out of it.
Can you imagine the conversation at the horse shop?
‘I’ll take that large fake Tang dynasty terracotta horse thanks. But I don’t think I can manage it on the subway. Do you deliver?’
“Of course! I’ll have the guys wrap it in tissue and bring it across Shanghai on the back of a tricycle. That OK?”
“Yeah, great! Thanks!”
Note to self: In Shanghai, nothing is impossible. 
  • Anonymous

    Sooo funny!
    I bet there's two guys on another bike right behind them ready to hammer a hole in the wall in case it doesn't fit through the door!

  • MaryAnne

    Oh, I like that! I agree, I can never be complacent in this city. There is always something somewhere out there that makes me do a double-take.

  • Kimberly Peterson

    LOL i love it!! Hehehehee totally random.

  • Fiona

    One of these days I'm doing a post on 'crazy things transported by tricycle'. This is strange, but definitely far from the strangest thing I've seen….