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Aiyah!! I’m Through to Round 4!!

Incredible, but true! Thanks to your votes and support I’m through to Round 4 of Project Food Blog, and one of the final one hundred competitors of an original two thousand. So thanks again!
The next challenge will be posted tomorrow night, and voting for this challenge begins again on Tuesday morning.
And the chair photo? Just for fun, seen this morning on my way to coffee. Should you be needing a rocking chair, a cane recliner, or a set of four dining chairs, buy them from one of Shanghai’s many roving chair vendors.  What a way to make a living! The whole cantilevered contraption is pulled along the road by hand until a customer comes along…..just try not to choose the one at the bottom of the stack!

  • croquecamille

    I wan the one in the middle. 🙂 Congrats again!

  • Food, she thought.

    Congrats! That pic is amazing! Can't wait to see your round 4 entry!

  • Fiona

    Thanks you two! It's gonna be a long day getting that next entry ready…

  • The Enchanted Cook

    Now that is funny! Thanks for connecting on Foodbuzz. I can tell I'm going to really enjoy your blog. Congrats on making it to round 4! A feat not unlike carting around and balancing all those chairs!

    Best wishes,

  • jen cheung

    Congrats Congrats going onto challenge #4!!! Must be exciting for you! Good luck and all the best. Happy Thanksgiving to you! You'll be getting the next vote from me 🙂 Your awesome!

    Have a happy thanksgiving!
    jen @

  • Jules


  • agent1815

    Awesome pic! I never seem to have my camera handy when the wicker chair cart rolls around.