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Tongli Wedding

We just spent a weekend in Tongli – it’s a small town west of Shanghai with a maze of small canals and old stone houses. Despite the bitter cold a happy wedding group set off to the ear-splitting sound of hundreds of confetti fire-crackers, followed by an entourage of friends and family as they walked beside the canal on their way to good food and a day of celebration.

Now, in Tongli there are 49 stone bridges criss-crossing the canals, but three are particularly famous – the Taiping (peace) bridge, the Jili (luck) bridge and the Changqing (celebration) bridge. Newlyweds should walk over all three to guarantee a long and harmonious marriage filled with good fortune.

  • Beau Lotus 涟

    Did you visit the Sex Museum in Tongli?

    Am thinking of popping by the weekend after and wonder if it'll be worth the visit.

  • Fiona

    Tongli is always worth a visit for me! Mosty for the red braised pork eaten outdoors by the canal…delicious! Our attempts to get to the famed Sex Museum have been hampered by having two children in tow, just too diffiult to explain things to them, but have heard it's great!